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A Call for Angel Investors to support a woman with a dream and a dynamic for profit venture

My name is Lynn Pinder and as you can see I am an author. I write Christian-themed books. I also help others write and publish books. 2OO8 was an amazing year for me. I self-published my own book, launched a publishing company, TAKE ACTION! Publishing, and launched Christian Authors on Tour, a tour of Christian authors who are on FIRE for God!  It was also the first year into a new consulting business, The TAKE ACTION! Network, which I launched in 2007.

As you have probably guessed, I have an entrepreneurial spirit! So, it is no surprise that I take risks. In the past, I have taken risks that have not only helped me live a better life, but helped those around me gain access to a better quality life. Feel free to click on the links below to see a short list of my accomplishments and activism in my community:
I admit I haven't always made the right choices and my credit report reflects some of those bad decisions. I worked with a financial business counselor for over a year; she challenged me to think differently about how I accrue, save and spend money. I am finally at a point in my life where I am crystal clear on the call of God in my life and understand what it takes to be a responsible steward of HIS gifts - both financially and spiritually.

With several entrepreneurial projects and quite a few personal debts weighing down on me, I am seeking alternative financial support to help offset the debt.  I need several angel investors who would commit to sowing either a one-time monetary gift or a monthly monetary seed to help me with any of the following:

  • Christian Publishing Company - -TAKE ACTION! Publishing is a small publishing house that (1) helps aspiring and seasoned authors use online resources to print Christian-themed works of fiction and non-fiction; and (2) helps individuals and organizations document their stories of challenge and/or triumph in taking action against social, environmental, and economic injustices. $25,OOO to cover staffing (subcontracts with editors, graphic design artists & image consultants), book design, publishing and printing, marketing/public relations, distribution/outreach, multiple book duplication and liability insurance.
  • Professional Development Network for Christian Writers - The Christian AOT Network - - a professional development and networking group for people interested in using writing as a tool for Christian ministry. $25,0OO to cover staffing, marketing/public relations, blog talk radio, regional event and liability insurance expenses.
  • Christian Authors on Tour [CAOT] - - a national tour of Christian fiction and non-fiction authors on FIRE for God. $50,000 to cover staffing, marketing/public relations, blog talk radio, regional events, travel expenses, administrative costs (phone, fax, Internet, etc.).
Let me be clear. Your financial support is not for a nonprofit or for a charitable cause other than helping a middle-aged, Christian woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. So, please pray about your decision and contact me via email [] or telephone [8OO-929-1418] if you you have any additional questions.

Thanks in advance for your support!

And If you are ready to sow into my dreams, please click on one of the links to the right! NOTE: Your contributions to Lynn Pinder's dreams are NOT tax deductible nor are they benefiting a nonprofit. Your monetary gifts are supporting Lynn Pinder's dreams and unless you have talked with Lynn Pinder and received a memorandum of understanding [MOU] defining the stipulations of your monetary gift, you are sowing a seed into Lynn Pinder's life without any expectation of having her repay you for your monetary gift or you earning a percentage from any of her business ventures.